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Knitters Guild NSW

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Knitters Guild NSW

The Knitters' Guild is a not-for-profit organisation promoting and encouraging the skills of Knitting and Crochet amongst its members and the wider community.

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Welcome to the Knitters' Guild NSW


The Knitters' Guild is a not-for-profit organisation promoting and encouraging the skills of Knitting and Crochet amongst its members and the wider community.

The Knitters' Guild NSW Inc. was established more than 30 years ago to promote and encourage hand knitting and crochet. The Guild provides the opportunity for members to learn both traditional and modern techniques, and to keep up with the latest developments in material developments and knitting and crochet design in Australia and internationally. It also encourages maintenance of high standards in design and technique, and encourages the exhibition of members’ work. We also encourage local dyers and retailers to become retail members of our organisation, which brings benefits to both their business and to our members.

Nearly 1,000 members have the opportunity to attend local group meetings held in 26 groups across the state, and attend workshops and classes. They can undertake assessable tasks for certificates, and partake in the many social and educational opportunities offered by the Guild across the state. Knitting and crochet are far from moribund crafts. New techniques and ways of creating fabrics are being developed constantly by designers around the world, and the Guild is in the forefront of these developments, offering classes and workshops in both traditional and modern techniques and skills, and hosting international teachers.

A culture of creativity is what binds members of the Knitters’ Guild together. Creativity is inclusive of all cultures and beliefs, and it is these voices of difference that strengthen an organisation such as the Guild. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone from all backgrounds and cultures are most welcome to meet together to share their different skills and experiences.

To find out more about us, please explore the site. We look forward to welcoming you to the Guild.

What We Do

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Other Highlights

The Guild is active in a variety of spheres, from supporting charities, hospitals, and animal shelters with hand-crafted items to exhibiting, showing and judging items in various exhibitions and competitions.


Charity Knitting

Knitted and crocheted garments are always so much in demand and there are a number of charities in Australia who are very happy to receive them.

Free Patterns

Free patterns made available to the Guild.

Useful Links

Links to other knitting and craft sites with patterns, and other useful links such shows and competitions.

Latest News

FibreFest 2021 Update

Unfortunately due to the current situation in Greater Sydney, FibreFest has been postponed till March 2022, just in time to stock up on lots of yarny goodness for the autumn knitting season.

FibreFest 2021

It's back! In person! All your favourites at a brand new location.  

Guild Gathering 2021

4-6 June 2021 The Tops Conference Centre   After much planning and many meetings of the Gathering Planning team, the Knitters' Guild Gathering is happening! There’s an amazing line-up of workshops, informative talks, retail opportunities and of course an opportunities to socialise and...

FibreFest 2020 Online

  Thank you for being part of our FibreFest 2020 - Online   We hope you picked up something for that special project, enhanced your stash or just because it caught your eye.   FibreFest might be over for the year but you can still visit our FibreFest retailers. Just click the...

Introducing A Good Yarn

  Our Guild magazine now has its very own name - A Good Yarn. Congratulations to Blue Mountains member Sharon Holstein for her winning suggestion, voted number 1 by members from over 70 entries.    Thank you so much to Guild Retail Members The Australian Wool...

Current Executive



We are conscious of our responsibility to live up to our inclusivity principles by providing a safe and welcoming environment for all knitters and crocheters. But fostering an inclusive community requires us to be firm about the types of behaviour that we will not tolerate. The disciplinary procedures in our constitution give us the power to act when individual or retail members undermine the principles and interests of the Guild.

If you are subject to, or witness any kind of discrimination in a guild environment you can approach any member of the executive to discuss your concerns in confidence.

However we know that there is a spectrum of behaviours that would fall short of these disciplinary actions, and that speaking up about discrimination comes with its own emotional and psychological costs. So, we’d like to hear from you about what factors have empowered you to raise issues of discrimination within any community space, and equally what factors have discouraged you from raising these issues?