Our Members Challenge for August was a workshop given by Anne on Freeform Knitting.

See her below modelling her winter coat in darker shades at the base and lighter towards the top.

She also brought along her winning entry in the Royal Easter Show in 2009 - an heirloom 21st birthday present for her daughter: a reversible bedcover in freeform knitting.

The photos do not do justice to the dazzling effect it had on the Epping members present: the variety of textures and shades, and 3D effects in differing stitches, as near to a Qld coral seascape as could be imagined, had everyone gasping and eager to try their own versions under Anne's help and guidance. Such was the enthusiasm that morning tea went entirely unnoticed. It is hard to think of a greater compliment than that at Epping, where morning tea is usually very important.

close up photo of many textures and ahades of blanket



Our Convenor Sue also brought along a shawl, called Oblique Shawl by Dina Mor, she completed a little while ago, which Angeline was interested to see because of the design of the tie in front. Jen modelled it for us, but a little shyly, not being used to the high fashion catwalk.

And Jacqui has found another clutch of bears  5 knitted teddy bears