Some little time ago Hazel shared with us some techniques which introduced us all to tubular knitting.

Done on 2 needles and slipping alternate stitches, we tried a small bag in 4 ply cotton.

The first picture below shows the 16 chain cast on, with 12 stitches picked up from the back loops of the chain, and the pattern progressing with Row 1: K1, Yarn Over, to the end. This makes 24 stitches in all. It continues by knitting and slipping alternately.

The second picture shows the stage of dividing the stitches onto two needles ready for stuffing and grafting off . And the third picture shows the completed item (it should have been stuffed with lavender, but a folded up handkerchief is used for demonstration purposes). The final picture shows Diane's completed variation - instead of stuffing and grafting, she has made a hollow scissor bag.

Next year we plan to adapt this technique to two-colour reversible knitting.