After a long absence, we're finally back on the internet again!  There are still a few things not working as they should, but hopefully they will soon be sorted.  One of the things which isn't working is the Epping calendar (it's not just ours but all group calendars).  In the meantime, to find out what is happening at Epping, select the "Upcoming Events and Activities - click here" link in the grey box just to the right.

2014 is a significant year for the Epping group - we turn 25!  The Epping group celebrated our 25th birthday with a lunch last Monday.  Thank you to all who helped make it a memorable day.  In particular I want to thank Sue Wise for organising the day - without people to volunteer to organise these sort of events they won't happen - and Anne Moore for the wonderful "knitted icing" plaque for our birthday cake.

May, 2014