Epping Group

Our Epping Group will be celebrating Xmas after a very quick monthly meeting on Monday 5 December.

It is all at the usual time 10-12 in the AM - just formalities kept to a minimum and then the party.

If you wish to join in the Kris Kringle it is a $5-10 gift more or less related to knitting and crochet.

We also like to support the Exodus foundation for Christmas so if you can, bring along something from the following list (but there is no need to wrap the items):

Deodorants, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothpaste, Tooth brushes, Shavers, Shaving cream, Nail clippers, Brushes, Combs, Toiletry bags, Mouthwash, Sunscreen, Soap, Talc or Nail files.

Those in the kitchen would appreciate contributions to eatables and drinkables too.


On the 7 November we celebrated our AGM.

The important outcome of the morning being our Convenor for the last 3 years, Sue Wise, has come to the end of her reign, and has been succeeded by Jill Francis for the coming year. Sue will now have more free time to develop her mobius patterns and Jill may not have quite so much time to join squares for rugs, complete shrugs or contribute her usual quota to the knitting "brains trust" output at Epping.

Sue and jill


And these were some of the items in our Show and Tell:

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A detail from Anne's lace scarf; Jacqui's friends on their way to Hospital; Mary's first item in Yvonne's beginners' crochet course - a hot mat; and some prosthetics for Anne Northam's project for the assistance of breast cancer sufferers.

During the second half of the year Jill shared her techniques with us at Epping on neat ways to join squares to make rugs.

In the photo below Denise (on the left) and Jill can be seen admiring a finished product. Denise was about to take some completed rugs to Westmead Hospital. The next two photos are close ups of Jill's beautiful seams, putting together different kinds of donated squares. The final photo shows Katherine (on the left) and Sue admiring a rug just completed by Katherine as a wedding present for her brother at the end of the year.

Sue is our out-going Convenor after 3 years of much-admired hard work.

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Some little time ago Hazel shared with us some techniques which introduced us all to tubular knitting.

Done on 2 needles and slipping alternate stitches, we tried a small bag in 4 ply cotton.

The first picture below shows the 16 chain cast on, with 12 stitches picked up from the back loops of the chain, and the pattern progressing with Row 1: K1, Yarn Over, to the end. This makes 24 stitches in all. It continues by knitting and slipping alternately.

The second picture shows the stage of dividing the stitches onto two needles ready for stuffing and grafting off . And the third picture shows the completed item (it should have been stuffed with lavender, but a folded up handkerchief is used for demonstration purposes). The final picture shows Diane's completed variation - instead of stuffing and grafting, she has made a hollow scissor bag.

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Next year we plan to adapt this technique to two-colour reversible knitting.