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From our Convenor Sue:

Hi all

Hope this finds you well, and recovered from the fabulous Guild camp last week-end.

Our guest speaker next week ,10th October,is Rob Harborne. He has an Alpaca farm and will be talking to us about Alpacas and the qualities of this amazing yarn. He will be bringing some yarn for sale to the meeting so come prepared. All his yarn is all undyed and 8ply at present. He will also bring some fleece for the spinners in our midst. See you then. xx suew




Our Members Challenge for August was a workshop given by Anne on Freeform Knitting.

See her below modelling her winter coat in darker shades at the base and lighter towards the top.

She also brought along her winning entry in the Royal Easter Show in 2009 - an heirloom 21st birthday present for her daughter: a reversible bedcover in freeform knitting.

The photos do not do justice to the dazzling effect it had on the Epping members present: the variety of textures and shades, and 3D effects in differing stitches, as near to a Qld coral seascape as could be imagined, had everyone gasping and eager to try their own versions under Anne's help and guidance. Such was the enthusiasm that morning tea went entirely unnoticed. It is hard to think of a greater compliment than that at Epping, where morning tea is usually very important.

close up photo of many textures and ahades of blanket


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Our Convenor Sue also brought along a shawl, called Oblique Shawl by Dina Mor, she completed a little while ago, which Angeline was interested to see because of the design of the tie in front. Jen modelled it for us, but a little shyly, not being used to the high fashion catwalk.

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And Jacqui has found another clutch of bears  5 knitted teddy bears

black and white entrelac scarf folded up


Above is a picture of one of the results of Brenda's workshop given earlier in the year on Entrelac knitting.

It is a scarf knitted by Anne, who will be giving our workshop next Monday on Freeform knitting.

It was another fun Monday at Epping Creative Centre. Everyone busy and happy and just a little bit noisy.

Who is going to contribute what to Gloucester's Yarning Our Country project formed a fair proportion of discussions on patterns.

The gallery of photos below shows works in progress, plus some finished items.

Kate is doing a cable and bobble scarf for her 7 year old daughter; Ann is using up leftover wools in an old Shepherd's 2 Colour Lacy Sweater pattern for a child's gift; Val is inspired by Liz Gemmel (see her description below); Liz is making a Jo Sharp scarf and practising twisting the yarns at the sides; Jacqui has not been well but she was back with us today accompanied by more friendly bears; Lynette has completed 30 squares, all joined together by picking up stitches - the result of Jill's recent workshop on joining squares without sewing (and Jill was there to be impressed) - plus a scalloped crochet edge; Meg was wearing her Noro scarf; and one of our newest members, Wendy, gave us these photos of her latest project: children's mittens for 4 and 2 year olds in 4 ply wool and 2 ply baby alpaca respectively, on pairs of 2mm needles.

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Val's scarf as taught to her by Liz Gemmell is knitted on the bias which makes it drape softly. She is using 2 ply alpaca and size 5 needles which give the garter stitch an open effect.

She cast on 3 stitches and increased at the beginning of each row until she reached the width she wanted. From then on she is decreasing at the beginning of 1 row and increasing at the other edge. (She keeps a marker on the decrease side). When she reaches the right length she will be reversing the beginning and decreasing at the beginning of each row till she is back to 3 stitches. It is for her 19 year old grand-daughter who is now old enough to appreciate it. As it is not yet finished, it still needs to be blocked.

First a reminder for Anne's workshop on 16 August on Freeform Knitting. We're all welcome to sit and watch but if we want to take part, we need to bring 4 or 5 balls of toning colours in different textures and plies, with needles to match each ply.

Brenda  brought this entrelac to Show and Tell:


entrelac jacket


Eleanor and one of our three Marias brought items in unusual yarns to Show and Tell.  Eleanor made the cushion cover too :

white shawl in dairing yarn on a knitted cushion

The shawl's white yarn is Dairing - stainless steel covered in silk. It holds its shape when pinched or moulded with the fingers.

ruffled neckpiece in novelty yarn that separates into lattice shapeMaria's yarn is Rico Creative Can Can


Meg, our Charity Convenor, rewarded us  this week by passing around a plate of prizes: jelly babies for those who've made Trauma Bears, jelly beans for beanie makers, liquorice allsorts for square enthusiasts and marshmallows for those making Anne Northam's titbits. Unfortunately there is no photo to record this - they mysteriously all disappeared in a hurry.