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Here are some photos of the process of steeking, as taught by Brenda in her recent workshops on traditional techniques for Arans, Ganseys and Fairisles.

1. Ready to steek: the item is knitted in the round all the way up to the neck with an extra eight stitches added in half way up on each side.

2. Side view - ready to begin

3. The red cotton shows where the line of backstitch is made around the armhole, and the subsequent cut.

4. Picked up stitches around the now open armhole

5. The sleeve begins.

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On Monday 16 May we held our annual Biggest Morning Tea in aid of the New South Wales Cancer Council, at the Epping Creative Centre.

The theme was as much colour as possible.

Anne put hours of preparation and creative thought into its organisation, and the result was an immensely enjoyable morning.

A picture of the chief organiser Anne in colourful clothes

Some of the events of the morning are recorded in the following articles.

The Ron Mathews room at the Epping Creative Centre was beautifully set up for the occasion.

Margot welcomed us all at the door and distributed a Lucky Door Prize ticket to everyone. This prize was a fresh basket of fruit donated by Epping's famous fruiter Martelli's.

In the pictures below you can see Anne and Margot discussing how things are progressing, and in the last photo, our guest judge for the tea cosy competition, Jill Dawson from Wool Addiction at Bowral.

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