Epping Group

Our annual BMT is a fine chance for everyone to catch up. Here are some photos of everyone doing just that:

From left to right:

Helen and Maria; Heather (the powerhouse behind the Craft section of the Castle Hill Show) with Jenny and Anne; Wendy, Christina and Gai; Gudrun; Jenny and Margot at the door; Penny, Judy and Jennifer; Eleanor, Hazel, Evonne, and Brenda; Mary and Marie; and lastly Angeline, Joyce and Violet.

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Some more pictures of our members and friends having fun:

From left to right in order:

Jill, Susan, Helen, Maria, and Heather; Angeline; Judy and Wendy; Kerry and Vee looking very serious; Sue, Katherine, Jenny and Jill Dawson (our guest judge for the cosy competition from Wool Addiction in Bowral); Val and Jan; followed by our two guys, Michael and Nils; and finally Kate, Evonne and Penny proving that knitting and crochet never even stop for morning tea.

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As always, an important part of the morning was the choosing of the winners in the five competition sections of knitted tea cosies.

Jill Dawson from Wool Addiction in Bowral was our guest judge. She can be seen below with our Jill and her winning entry in Buttons, Bows and Flowers in colours from the Cancer Support list of Colours. The theme for the whole morning was bright colours for cheerful support.

The winners below in order are Denise for Australiana; Jill for Buttons, Bows and Flowers; Eleanor for Not a Tea Cosy (in fact an Egg Cosy); Jill again for Anything Goes (eggs were popular); and Anne for Living Things.

The final two prizes were for Angeline for managing all the various hues of the Cancer Support Colours in her clothing, (with Anne a close second); and finally Bernece with the Lucky Door Prize.

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Jacqui and Thelma presided over the Raffle table, to great effect. When the time came, our guest judge for the day from Wool Addiction in Bowral, Jill Dawson, chose the first winner and then each winner from then on chose the next one.

There were lots of lovely items donated as the prizes, including a set of blocking wires done up in a purple ribbon, by Penny; a silk lace scarf knitted and blocked to perfection by Brenda; and the knitting book "Cover Up" with some appropriate skeins of yarn given by Wool Addiction. Although Kerry did not happen to win "Cover Up" she can be seen having a look at it before the morning was over. There were many other donations too, mostly to do with knitting, though some were just for fun.

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