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Today was our first meeting using the earlier start time.  Thanks to everyone for turning up earlier, as it allowed the guest speaker to start promptly at 10. While a guest speaker is only expected to present for one hour, the extra time allotted to a guest speaker allows us more discussion time with the guest.  And if the guest speaker finishes early, then we can start the formal meeting early too.

Thanks to Jenny Chioatto for an interesting and enthusiastic presentation on Ravelry, and some of Jenny's favourite knitting-related internet sites.  For those who would like a copy of her notes, they are available here.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to making our Biggest Morning Tea such a success on Monday, May 19.  Sixty-two people attended and we raised a magnificent $1600.

Congratulations to the winners of our knitting competition.  Elaine Dewey won both the "Hats, Caps and Beanies for Cancer Patients" and "Cosies for teapots, coffee pots, plungers and mugs" sections with a lovely soft, white, lace beret and a strawberry topped tea cosy.  Maree Kent won the "Other items for cancer patients e.g. wraps, scarves, mittens, socks" with a beautiful shawlette in muted greens and purples.  Sue Wise won the "Technology cosies for Kindle, iPad, Tablet, Phone etc" section with her Ipad cover - Sue had even put a panel in the flap to protect the screen.  Anne Moore won the "25 years or silver items" with her "knitted" icing plaque she made for the Epping group's 25th birthday. 

Well done everyone, and thank you to Val Quarmby for her excellent judging. 

May, 2014

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After a long absence, we're finally back on the internet again!  There are still a few things not working as they should, but hopefully they will soon be sorted.  One of the things which isn't working is the Epping calendar (it's not just ours but all group calendars).  In the meantime, to find out what is happening at Epping, select the "Upcoming Events and Activities - click here" link in the grey box just to the right.

2014 is a significant year for the Epping group - we turn 25!  The Epping group celebrated our 25th birthday with a lunch last Monday.  Thank you to all who helped make it a memorable day.  In particular I want to thank Sue Wise for organising the day - without people to volunteer to organise these sort of events they won't happen - and Anne Moore for the wonderful "knitted icing" plaque for our birthday cake.

May, 2014

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Well today was our last gathering for the year. No formal meeting, just a time to knit and natter, with a few show and tell.

Thelma had a jumper to show us that she made for a nun.  When asked if she could knit this jumper she didn't feel she could say no to a nun!  The jumper is a classic round neck raglan in Bendigo Woollen Mills Duet - an 8 ply 70% wool and 30% mohair mix.  Thelma used the shade Mystic.  The colour is gorgeous with the mohair strand giving a lovely fleck to the yarn.  The classic style very much suited the yarn.  Beautiful Thelma.

Yvonne had two lovely scarves that she has made for Ann Collins (or one of her customers to be precise).  The scarves are made using Ann Collins' hand dyed 2/20 silk in feather and fan stitch.  Again, another simple classic stitch that lets the yarn do the talking.

Sandy was wearing a recent Christmas present - a Lacis wrist yarn holder.  Someone doesn't wait until Christmas eve or morning to open her presents.  With this yarn holder, Sandy was able to walk around knitting with easy access to her yarn.

Finally, Meg had one half of the wall hanging that we have been working on for Yarning Our Country.  It is coming together so well.  Meg has done a fantastic job of putting all our squares together.

Once again, I must apologise for the photos - they don't do justice to the knitting.  I must remember to bring my camera, I must remember to bring my camera, I must ...

Best wishes to everyone for a happy and safe Christmas and New Year.

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Today's formal meeting was kept quite short, as today we had our Christmas celebration.  This is when we get to sample the wonderful baking skills of the members as well as admire their knitting skills, and also our members generosity.

In the entrance there was two boxes - one for donations to the Exodus Foundation, and the other for our Kris Kringle.  The Christmas decoration was formed from a few of the branches that we have made for a tree that is forming part of our contribution to Yarning Our Country.

We started with the formal meeting - kept short so that we could then get stuck into the wonderful spread that people brought.  I don't know who made the Snowman Pops, but they were very good! I have since found out these were made by Jill, our convenor, who I have discovered bakes as well as she knits and she knits beautifully.

One of the highlights of the meeting was hearing about all the work that our members had been doing for various charities - it was a very impressive list.

  • 1 Wraps With Love rug
  • 7 squares for a rug
  • 98 teddies
  • 7 mini blankets
  • 21 premie caps
  • 46 beanies
  • 20 scarves
  • 2 pairs fingerless gloves
  • 6 titbits
  • 2 bags of hats and beanies for the Cancer Council as a result of our Biggest Morning Tea

The Tiny Teddy Award was given to Jacqui who made if not all, then most of those 98 teddies.  These teddies go the the Children's Hospital at Westmead.

Not counted in that total, was a beautiful crocheted jacket shown below, that I believe was made by Marie.

And the meeting would not be complete without show-and-tell.  I think most members were focused on bringing food to share rather than any knitted show-and-tell, but Margo covered both bases with her item - a knitted Christmas pudding.  Probably best just to look at rather than trying to eat!  Margo learnt how to make these delightful little numbers at a Ku-ring-gai meeting.

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