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Please enter information on this form to make payment for Guild Gathering 2024 Registration . The amount you need to pay is $0.00 .

ARRIVAL: Access to the venue is from 5.00 pm on Friday 2 August 2024 with dinner being served at 6.00pm. Check-in will take place AFTER dinner.

CATERING: Dinner will be served at 6.00pm on Friday 2 August to Weekend Residential AND Weekend Non-Residential visitors. Dinner on Saturday night will be served to Weekend Residential, Weekend Non-Residential and Saturday only visitors.

The nearest train station is Helensburgh. Transport will be available to meet the 5.16pm train at Helensburgh Station to take you to The Tops. A return service will be provided on Sunday.

On Sunday 4 August between 9.00am and 1.00pm, we are providing members an opportunity to sell their craft items. This could be anything from hand-spun yarn to hand crafted jewellery. Or maybe you’d like to reduce your stash of yarn and books. If you would like to participate in this marketplace, please let us know. The Guild takes no responsibility for any of the items, nor cash handling procedures.


Full details of the workshops available, including materials and homework required (if applicable) are on our website >> click here. Please indicate your preferred workshops by marking the appropriate box. No more than one box in each session can be selected. You may select two of Ann Budd’s workshops if wished but will be allocated no more than one, because student numbers for all workshops are limited. Ann’s books will be available for purchase over the weekend.

After bookings have closed on 12 July, you will be advised of the workshops allocated to you.

As well as the workshops listed below, there will be hands-on demonstrations, talks, help desks, the Marketplaces and of course social knitting and crocheting.

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