The demands on the Guild’s library, housed at the Epping Creative Centre (ECC), have decreased significantly over the last few years, partly because of the wide-spread use of the internet to obtain patterns and technical guidance and partly because of the ever-increasing cost of postage.

Few members are able to attend the library in person and have depended on the Guild’s policy of sending books to members free of charge and asking the member to pay the return postage. Currently the cost of posting the smallest and lightest book in our library is $8.25. Some cost $14 or $15. If we posted out 5 small books a week, the cost to the Guild would be over $2,000 a year, and when we factor in the cost of the larger, heavier books, this would probably increase to $3,000+ a year. In addition, we don’t believe members want to borrow a book that is going to cost them in excess of $14 to post back.

We have therefore decided to re-house our library books at Singleton Public Library, where they will be kept in a safe and clean environment by professionals, and will be available to our members at a greatly reduced cost through the Inter-Library Loan system. Each local authority sets its own rate for inter-library loans but it is generally $3 - $6 per book, far less than the current postage costs. Singleton Library is currently cataloguing the books and will have them available on their website. If you want to borrow one, you ask your local library to get it for you, and you then return it to the same library.

We are increasing the number of knitting and crochet DVDs we hold and these will be available for members to borrow directly from the Guild. The cost of postage for DVDs is between $1 and $2. As the library books have now been removed from the ECC, the Collection and other Guild items that were also housed there are being moved into secure storage. The Guild will no longer have a presence at the ECC, except of course for the two Guild groups holding their meetings there.

We’ll make sure you all know when the books have been catalogued by Singleton Library and are available to you.


Direct Link to Singleton Library Catalogue

Singleton Library Catalogue

We are also in the process of increasing our collection of knitting and crochet dvds and will put a list on the website as soon as possible.  These are easy and cheap for groups or members to borrow.  The Guild pays the postage out, and the member pays the return postage.

If you have a library book or dvd on loan, please don't forget to return it to the Guild Secretary at P O Box 460, Epping 2121.