My name is Erin Carmody and I am writing on behalf of the registered not-for-profit charity Yasminah's Gift Of Hope (YGOH).

At YGOH, we provide support and a Gift Of Hope to families who experience miscarriage, premature birth, neo-natal loss, stillbirth or infant loss of their child. Our Gift Of Hope is a hand decorated journal (as pictured here) given to families via hospitals, medical centres, funeral homes and palliative care facilities. We also provide knitted/ sewn garments along with our journals to provide families with a lovingly made keepsake that their baby has been able to wear.

Items we like to include: beanies, booties, blankets and clothing (in premature sizes as well).

I ask for your assistance in being able to supply such items to families

Thanks kindly for your assistance,

Erin Carmody

Vice President

Yasminah's Gift Of Hope

There is a permanent record of this request on our Charities page.