This year we are particularly excited to share 2 FibreFest patterns with you. 


That's right! This year we have both a knit AND a crochet pattern. Two talented designers have been working hard to bring you a choice for this year's FibreFest.


Debra Kinsey Knits presents the knitted FibreFest Shawl 2019 (complete with scarf option).

Ruth Buchanan presents the crocheted cowl Gathering of Friends at FibreFest 2019.


So much choice! Choose one. Choose both. Either way, have fun, and be sure to bring your creations to show off at FibreFest 2019.


These patterns will be free to download until FibreFest 2019.


FFShawl2019 GOF cover small2


Click on a picture to go to Ravelry where you can download the pattern free till FibreFest 2019.