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Follow the NSW Knitters’ Guild on Twitter

The Knitters' Guild now has a Twitter account – the feed can be seen on the bottom right-hand side of the website Home Page so all members can see what is posted. 
President Merrin Marks explains this latest innovation: "At our last meeting the Executive ratified an official Twitter Group @KnitGuildNSW. This Group will be controlled by the Publicity Officers, Anne Powell and Margot Palk as well as Vice President, Mary-Helen Ward, and will be used for two main purposes: to quickly contact members if, for example, help is needed at the last minute for staffing at Shows or advise of upcoming deadlines and events and to broadcast from events posting pictures of displays or competition entries etc.
Why do we need this, some may be asking? Again it is part of modern culture. I joined Twitter recently and I am the 507,357,013th person to join up. Basically it will allow more immediate communication with members and it provides a public profile which is intrinsically free advertising"
Please register on Twitter and join us to get bulletins on latest shows, results, events. Your Group can also use this to advertise your own events or even ask for last minute help if required.
Recently we “tweeted” Castle Hill and Sydney RAS show results, as well as photos.
If you wish to post anything on Twitter, please either contact our external Promotions Officer Anne Powell, Vice President, Mary-Helen Ward or the Newsletter Editor. We hope this will become a valued additional communications vehicle for members.

This year's featured speaker at the 2010 Guild AGM was Tamara Lavrencic, Collections Manager from Historic Houses Trust of NSW. Tamara's speech was fascinating and much-admired by those in attendance. She has now volunteered to answer questions from Guild members related to conserving and preserving knitted and crocheted articles. You can leave a question for Tamara on this new members-only message board which she will moderate. The Guild will also offer a method for those members not on the Internet to contact Tamara; watch your newsletter for details. Welcome aboard, Tamara!


My name is Erin Carmody and I am writing on behalf of the registered not-for-profit charity Yasminah's Gift Of Hope (YGOH).

At YGOH, we provide support and a Gift Of Hope to families who experience miscarriage, premature birth, neo-natal loss, stillbirth or infant loss of their child. Our Gift Of Hope is a hand decorated journal (as pictured here) given to families via hospitals, medical centres, funeral homes and palliative care facilities. We also provide knitted/ sewn garments along with our journals to provide families with a lovingly made keepsake that their baby has been able to wear.

Items we like to include: beanies, booties, blankets and clothing (in premature sizes as well).

I ask for your assistance in being able to supply such items to families

Thanks kindly for your assistance,

Erin Carmody

Vice President

Yasminah's Gift Of Hope

There is a permanent record of this request on our Charities page.

Our Charity Knitting page has been updated with details of many NSW charities that need your support.

For more information regarding charity knitting or donating wool, please . And if you know of a charity with an on-going requirement for items or a specific need, do please let us know and we can encourage our members to get knitting and crocheting!

The Guild has received the following email from Faye Taylor of Blaxland, NSW:

My husband and I are the co-ordinators for the Lower Blue Mountains (NSW) Operation Christmas Child Team.  For the last four years we have been involved in this unique project of Samaritan’s Purse that brings joy and hope through delivering gift-filled shoe boxes to children in desperate situations around the world.  Many are victims of war, natural disaster or disease.  These boxes are likely to be the only gifts these children will ever receive.  Each box contains something to wear, something for school, something for hygiene, something to play with and something to love (nothing is second hand).

Last year our team, based at Glenbrook Baptist Church, filled 1808 gift filled shoe boxes that were handed to children in impoverished communities in places like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and New Guinea.  As you can imagine this takes a lot of gathering of new toys, clothes and school items, but the joy the boxes bring to the children is immeasurable.

We were wondering if your group could assist by kitting little glove puppet dolls to go into our boxes.  We realise that you support many organisations, but would welcome even the smallest number of puppets to go into our boxes.  I attach a copy of the puppet in the hope that you might publish it on your web site. My contact details are on the top of the sheet if anyone would like additional information.

The pattern - along with Fay's contact details - is available for download here (PDF).

If you use a feed or RSS reader, you'll be happy to know that you can now subscribe to feeds of Knitters' Guild news and calendar events. (Calendar feeds can even be limited to location or category!) Just navigate to the page you want to follow, and the feed should be auto-detected by your browser and an RSS icon should be displayed near the address bar. You can then click on the icon and subscribe to the feed.

And if you have no idea what RSS is... Just put your hand up and the webmaster will be happy to come conduct a workshop for your group!

Are there members of your Guild group who need a little help with the website? The Executive have released a PDF Guild entitled The Knitters' Guild NSW Website Made Easy. It explains how to use the Guild website; how to request a password and log in; and what to do once you're logged in. Please feel free to share it with other Guild members.

The Guide is available in our members-only area here.

Special thanks to Susan Brandt of the Epping group for providing the initial text and images!