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FibreFest 2019 Patterns have been released

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Knitters Guild NSW

The Knitters' Guild is a not-for-profit organisation promoting and encouraging the skills of Knitting and Crochet amongst its members and the wider community.

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Knitters Guild NSW

The Knitters' Guild is a not-for-profit organisation promoting and encouraging the skills of Knitting and Crochet amongst its members and the wider community.

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Welcome to the Knitters' Guild NSW


The Knitters' Guild is a not-for-profit organisation promoting and encouraging the skills of Knitting and Crochet amongst its members and the wider community.

The Knitters' Guild NSW Inc. was established more than 30 years ago to promote and encourage hand knitting and crochet. The Guild provides the opportunity for members to learn both traditional and modern techniques, and to keep up with the latest developments in material developments and knitting and crochet design in Australia and internationally. It also encourages maintenance of high standards in design and technique, and encourages the exhibition of members’ work. We also encourage local dyers and retailers to become retail members of our organisation, which brings benefits to both their business and to our members.

Nearly 1,000 members have the opportunity to attend local group meetings held in 26 groups across the state, and attend workshops and classes. They can undertake assessable tasks for certificates, and partake in the many social and educational opportunities offered by the Guild across the state. Knitting and crochet are far from moribund crafts. New techniques and ways of creating fabrics are being developed constantly by designers around the world, and the Guild is in the forefront of these developments, offering classes and workshops in both traditional and modern techniques and skills, and hosting international teachers.

A culture of creativity is what binds members of the Knitters’ Guild together. Creativity is inclusive of all cultures and beliefs, and it is these voices of difference that strengthen an organisation such as the Guild. We are committed to creating an environment where everyone from all backgrounds and cultures are most welcome to meet together to share their different skills and experiences.

To find out more about us, please explore the site. We look forward to welcoming you to the Guild.

What We Do

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Other Highlights

The Guild is active in a variety of spheres, from supporting charities, hospitals, and animal shelters with hand-crafted items to exhibiting, showing and judging items in various exhibitions and competitions.


Charity Knitting

Knitted and crocheted garments are always so much in demand and there are a number of charities in Australia who are very happy to receive them.

Free Patterns

Free patterns made available to the Guild.

Useful Links

Links to other knitting and craft sites with patterns, and other useful links such shows and competitions.

Latest News

FibreFest 2019 Workshops

These are the workshops that will be running during FibreFest 2019. SO many to choose from....  Morning, afternoon, all day.  Take your pick! As always, bookings are made through Trybooking. Just click on a link to make your booking.   Morning 9.00 am - 12.00 pm - Crochet a...

New Workshops 2019

Don't miss out on booking these newly released workshops.         Click on an image to be taken to Try Booking.  

FibreFest 2019 Shawl & Cowl

This year we are particularly excited to share 2 FibreFest patterns with you.    That's right! This year we have both a knit AND a crochet pattern. Two talented designers have been working hard to bring you a choice for this year's FibreFest.   Debra Kinsey Knits presents the...

FibreFest 2019

Workshops   The workshops have just been released -  FibreFest 2019 Workshops Book quickly to avoid disappointment.   Patterns The FibreFest 2019 Patterns have been released.  This year you can pick between knitting or crochet (or why not do both?). The knitted...

World Wide Knit In Public Day 2019

        This year World Wide Knit in Public Day is Saturday, June 8.  Guild groups are holding various events around the state. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view...

Current Executive

2019 Committee 2



The link for the February Magazine Competition is .




2019 Conference Registrations Now Open



Registrations are now open for the 2019 Knitters' Guild Conference and for the Bristol Ivy Road trip.

Bristol - Along


To celebrate Bristol’s visit and participation at the Conference in July, we are now encouraging all participants to knit any of her designs and wear it (or them) at the Welcome Reception on the Friday night.


Cast on is set for 12 March, 2019.  More details can be found at Bristol-along.


Camp (Conference) 2019


Planning is underway for Camp 2019.  As we all know, this event is proving to be more and more popular each time it is held.  In response to member feedback, Camp is now evolving into a bi-annual conference.

What does that mean, I hear you ask?  Well, Camp will be held in one central location with a number of options available for accommodation.  Participants will have the ability to choose their accommodation to suit their own style and budget.  However, you won’t have to do any extra leg work, it is anticipated that these options will be available as part of the registration process.  All accommodation options will be connected to the venue by bus.

Of course, all the things we love about Camp will still be included, such as workshops, retail opportunities and the members’ marketplace.  We will also have a conference dinner on the Saturday night with a keynote speaker after dinner.  This will be our international guest.

Who is the guest, I hear you ask?  Well, this knitting celebrity is well known across the globe, has 198 designs on Ravelry and has over 33,000 followers on Instagram.  We are very pleased to announce that Bristol Ivy, from the USA, will be joining us next year.

Now for the details.  Our conference will be held between 12 and 14 July 2019 in Newcastle.  Make sure you put it in your diary so you don’t miss out.

More information about our conference will be made available as it comes to hand.  Meanwhile, there is a team of people organising Camp, but if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me at president@



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